Our Story


Where did Creative Caldera come from?

While the idea for a shire wide arts organisation has been around for quite a while, it was strongly identified as a sector priority at the ‘Imagine 2484 forum – focusing on Creativity’. Hosted by Thrive 2484 in September 2014, the 60 participants at the forum, recognised the need for:

  • a creative centrally driven entity
  • establishing links
  • less competition and more collaboration and inclusion
  • grass roots collaboration between business, TSC, artists, people
  • cross marketing.

Since then there have been a number of meetings with a range of stakeholders, including: Tweed Shire Council, Destination Tweed, Arts Northern Rivers, Murwillumbah District Business Chamber , TaFE, Tweed Regional Art Gallery, Tweed Regional Museum, Southern Cross University, Colour In Your Life, Foodie Fest, Tweed Fusion, Ukitopia Arts Collective, Caba Creative, Murwillumbah Art Trail and more.

The overwhelming response has been extremely positive about setting up an arts organisation to support our local creatives and creative industries. The focus was originally on 2484, however, we have since expanded the scope to cover the whole Tweed Shire.

Vibrant imaging whopping Big bandCreative Caldera is set up as a Not For Profit organisation with a structure of a core management committee and a wider member forum.



 Time Line

Creative Caldera vision was conceived in 2013 and was developed in direct response and along side  the 2014 Tweed Shire Economic Development Strategy.


The vision of Creative Caldera aligns with vision presented in The Tweed Shire Economic Development Strategy for the Creative Cauldron:

The Tweed Hinterland will become a place recognised nationally as a creative region, allowing existing creative practitioners to prosper and continue to attract new creative businesses to the region.

In the past 4 years we have:

2015- Incorporated as Not for profit governed by a voluntary committee comprising of Natascha Wernick, Marlena Basser, Trish Budd, Peita Gardiman, Ken Corbitt, Nick Moran and Rosie Evans.

2015- Set up the Creative Caldera website and social media

2015- Audited the Tweed Shire Creative through the Creatives Industries Survey funded by Destination Tweed

2015- hosted two creative industries forums  including the Creative Drive Trails Forum

2016- Produced the Tweed Shire Creative Industries Report funded by Destination Tweed

2016- began the monthly newsletter to a distribution list of over 500.

2016 – Launched the Call to Action for the Creative Industries Sector focussing on two key strategies: Unify and Elevate the Creative Sector and six goals: coordination, networking, professional development, product to market, marketing, business development funded by Destination Tweed. 70 attended this event

2016- Established a membership and sponsorship programs and currently have 40 members and  6 Sponsors, including Murwillumbah District Business Chamber, Destination Tweed, The Citadel, The Loop Magazine, IC Signs and Suzanne Healy

2016- Formed the Stakeholder Advisory Group who are committed to supporting the goals of Creative Caldera in their areas of expertise.   Members include: Peter Wood ( ANR), Sam Tebbutt, (NORTEC), Sandra Guy (TAFE), a TSC representative currently Kym Kranen, Bill Tatchell and Jade Pirker (Destination Tweed), Karissa Ball (Tweed experiences Network) , Andy Remanis (Caldera Art), Chana Waters ( Tweed Creative Studios), Marlena Basser (Thrive 2484), Rosie Evans (The Citadel) , Peita Gardiman (The Loop) , Ken Corbitt ( Murwillumbah Theatre Company)

2016- Created and implementation plan for the Call to Action and presented it to the Stakeholder Advisory Group with preliminary outcomes a  fully funded  Creative Business TAFE Course developed in response the Tweed Shire Creative Industries Report.

2017 – Hosted our first Creative Industries Dinner

2017- A Creative Caldera volunteer’s program was launched

2017- Transitioning the Murwillumbah Art trail under Creative Caldera management

2017- Acquiring public liability Insurance and volunteer’s insurance