I am relatively new to this area,  only lived in UKI for 7/8 yrs, but in this time I have meet the most involved and creative people.
Passionate about there own art as well as  helpful & supportive for  their fellow artists.
It is with  great joy and  excitement to be  associated  with my fellow artists in this growing area  of unique Caldera Art.
I graduated as a ceramic artist & sculptor 25 years ago  at the Penrith College of TAFE .   Also trained by the renowned potter Peter Rushford & Bill Samuel, who also lived in the Blue Mountains
Have shown my work in many exhibitions along with other superb artists within NSW
Basically trained  as a wheel thrower  preferring to work on large sized  pots  and mainly  in earthenware clay.    Attached is a sample of my work,
although constantly   working on new styles and designs throughout my ceramic career.

Lorraine Lintern